Bruno Bonansea        

Julie Moulin flute

Mathilde Lebert oboe

Jean-Paul Maradan bassoon

Guillaume Tétu horn


Invited musicians



Born on September 11th 1985 in Metz, Bruno Bonansea begins clarinet and quickly joins the “CNR” of Metz where he obtains his gold medal aged of 15, and his “Premier prix de Perfectionnement” one year later. Then he leaves to the capital and studies with Richard Vieille at the Paris “CNR”.

Bruno is prize-winner of several competitions : finalist in the “Concours d’interprétation” of the Lions Club, First prize of the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Competition, First prize of the European Picardie Competition.

Passionate with orchestral playing, he was member of the “Orchestre Français des Jeunes” (OFJ) in 2004 and 2005. In 2008 he is invited to take part in the Gustav Mahler Jungendorchester (GMJO) international tour. Since 2011, he was Solo-clarinet of the “Orchestre de Picardie" and he just wins the position of Solo- Clarinet in the "Orchestre National de France" conducted by Daniele Gatti.

Bruno is not only a classical musician, and has always enjoyed playing improvised music, jazz and traditional music. In 2007 he founded the duo “Klezrem’x” with the double bass player Jérémy Bruyère.





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